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Global Marine Suppliers

The Global Marine Supplier Directory

The Shipadviser global marine directory is the one-stop place for you to find the spare parts and services that your vessel requires. It aims to create a vast global network where buyers can source what they need and sellers can extend their reach into both international and domestics markets. This section of our website has been carefully tailored to ensure that the entire sourcing process has been streamlined and the users are presented with vital information such as geographical location and the certification bodies of the listed companies to aid them in decision making process.


Global Marine Events

Global Maritime Events

Networking has become a vital aspect of business relationships. This is why Shipadviser brings you the global maritime events. Various maritime exhibitions, seminars, forums, and trade shows is an ideal place to begin building or improving your professional networks. Our events extend all fields of this industry thus ensuring that all your interests and needs are covered. At Shipadviser we present you with all the information you require such as, locations, dates, agenda and directions and of course the ability to secure your spot at the chosen event whether you are an exhibitor or an attendee.


Global Marine News


Global Maritime News

Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the maritime industry. Shipadviser brings you the global maritime news. The news are updated daily to bring you up to speed on Offshore, Shipping, Financial, Naval, Security & Safety, Technology and Ship building news from all continents. Subscribe to our RSS feed to receive daily updates and also try our mobile app to stay informed on the go.


Boat & Ship Sales


Boat & Ship Sales

Are you looking to buy or sell a boat? The shipadviser boat & ship sales is an ideal online marketplace for both. Whether you are looking to purchase a boat of your dreams to enjoy your vacations on or to make solid investment into a commercial vessel you've come to the right place. Via our user friendly interface we bring you in direct contact with the sellers allowing you to negotiate your terms with them directly. We simply facilitate the initial contact.


Rules Pubs & Regulations


Rules Pubs & Regulations

Rules & regulations is the backbone of the maritime industry, ensuring that business is conducted efficiently and safely. It is not required to stress the importance of the following these as all of us know how important they are today. In this section of the website we aim to keep you updated & informed of any new and existing requirements set forth by well known bodies such as the IMO, Class, Flags and more...




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